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Uhiwai's Adopt-a-Tree: Carbon Offset Program

Leeward Haleakalā once supported some of the most diverse and unique forests in the Pacific, extending from the peak of the volcano to the coast. Today, only 5% remains. Uhiwai works collaboratively to protect and restore these precious ecosystems and the services they provide. The native habitat serves as a natural firebreak, filters water and air, and retains soil thereby protecting marine ecosystems downslope.  

After the devastating wildfires in August 2023, the need for accelerated reforestation, additional freshwater sources, and improved resilience against fires, floods, and the impacts of climate change, that have become more frequent and destructive to these vulnerable islands, was even more evident.

Each donation supports carbon sequestration to help mitigate global climate change. Additionally, our reforestation efforts will help preserve biodiversity, improve fresh water capture and availability and sustain culturally important species on leeward Haleakalā, Maui.

By contributing what you can, dedicating a single tree or an entire grove of forest on behalf of yourself, your 'ohana (family), or your business, anyone can make an impact on Maui's recovery and resilience against climate change. Please support Uhiwai O Haleakalā's mission and adopt-a-tree, today!

Donate Today!

Adopt a Tree


Every tree contributes to landscape-level forest restoration, improves Maui's vulnerability to climate change impacts locally and globally. $50 = costs of seed collection and propagation of a single tree. $75 = planting and transportation to our seed farms and educational programs. $100 = planting in regional remote planting sites.


Dedicate a Grove


Contribute to Maui's reforestation on a more impactful scale and receive a tax benefit through Uhiwai's voluntary carbon offset program. Investing in native trees planted on sites above Wailea-Mākena, Kula, or Kahikinui enables your impact to be visible from the south shores of Maui. Watch your grove grow over time! $10,000 = 100 trees (1 acre). $50,000 = 500 trees (5 acres). $80,000 = 5 acres fully restored.

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